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Well Visits

  • Full medical exam performed by doctor and registered nurse

  • Scheduled immunizations

  • Electronic hearing screening

  • Vision screening

  • Blood draws and urine samples collected on site

  • School, camp, or after school/sports forms

  • Any new medical issues addressed

Well visit
Sick Visit

Sick Visits

  • Same day appointments available

  • Rapid Strep Testing

  • Rapid Flu Testing

  • Rapid Mono Testing

  • Rapid COVID-19 Testing & COVID-19 PCR

  • E-prescribing (no need to drop prescription at pharmacy)

Weight Management

Weight Management

  • Collect details of social, medical and family history at initial visit

  • Set realistic goals for weight loss

  • Provide tools to reach goals

  • Check metabolic profile

  • Genetic testing (if necessary)

  • Dr. Hes holistically treats obesity using a combination of behavioral and life style modifications in addition to the judicious use of medications when needed



  • Full medical exam performed by doctor and registered nurse

  • Immunizations provided

  • Electronic hearing and vision screening

  • School/college forms

  • Blood draws and urine collected on site

  • Adolescent gynecology exam available

  • STD screening available

  • Pregnancy testing available

Teenager on Laptop

Virtual Visit

  • Virtual visit via Healow App to address the needs of sick patients without leaving the house

  • Note: not all sick visits are available to be over video, the physician may ask to physically see the patient to correctly advise the patients' needs


Prenatal Visit

  • Meet with one of our physicians

  • Collect prenatal history

  • Discuss our practice and our philosophy, vaccinations, our different visit types

  • Discuss what to expect once your baby is born

  • Answer any questions that you may have!


  • In-house lab for blood draws, collection of urine samples

  • No need to go to a separate lab

  • Rapid Covid-19 Testing

  • Flu shots




Emergencies/After Hours


  • Doctor is available to examine patient in office based on medical necessity

  • If your emergency is life threatening, call 911 and proceed to the emergency room. (Be aware of your insurance protocol for emergency room authorization and notification of your primary care physician)


Dr. Hes is affiliated with:

If your child is in a pediatric emergency room, be sure to contact Dr. Hes so that she can help monitor your child’s management with their staff physicians.


Dr. Hes is an attending physician at:

  • Weill Cornell Medical Center/NY Presbyterian Hospital

  • NYU Langone


In the event that your child needs to be admitted to the hospital, Dr. Hes will assist you in the process. Dr. Hes will also visit your child daily, while admitted to either of these hospitals.

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