Camp physicals and check-ups

June 19, 2014

After a brutal winter, summer is finally upon us.  The Gramercy Pediatrics staff has been busy seeing children for their camp physicals and check-ups.  Remember, whether your child is in infant or an adolescent; make sure to discuss summer safety with the doctor.  Sunscreen, insect repellent, water safety, and sport safety are all important issues.  Your child should be wearing a hat if spending a prolonged period of time in the sun.  Some parents like to squirt a little sunscreen on the scalp too, especially for long periods in the pool.  Remember, do not use combination insect repellent and sunscreen, because sunscreen has to be applied more frequently.  Children who will be spending time in the woods, in tick-populated areas, should wear long sleeves and pants made of breathable material.  Ideally, long socks should be worn over the pant legs.  Discuss with the doctor the ideal sunscreen and bug repellent for your child.  Keep a look out for target shaped rashes.  These have a pale center and a red rim.  If you find one on your child, notify the doctor immediately, to rule out Lyme Disease.

Water safety is so important.  We recommend that a fence with a child safety latch should surround all pools.  Children should never be left by a pool unattended.  Make sure all screen doors and porches are locked if you have a pool, kids can wander out of your sight very easily.

While riding a bike or on a scooter, your children should have protective gear on their head.  Kneepads, wrist, and elbow guards also reduce injuries from scooters and skateboards.  Make sure your practice street crossing rules with your children.  In New York City, kids are used to cars flying by.  They are somewhat cautious.  However, in the country, they often have a false sense of security, that it is easy to cross the street because there is little to no traffic.

If you are planning international travel this summer, please let our doctors know.  The MMR (measles, mumps, rubella vaccine) is now recommended for all infants between 6-12 months travelling abroad.
We want everyone to have the best summer possible and be safe!

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