Prenatal Visits

Picking a physician for your baby is not easy. Expectant parents have numerous questions…often too numerous to remember once your baby arrives. That is why Dr. Hes recommends that expectant parents make a prenatal visit within three months of the due date. Often parents leave the prenatal visit to the end of the pregnancy and this is not a good option. Preterm labor, maternal illness, bed rest, and the sheer exhaustion from pregnancy can interfere with a prenatal visit after 36 weeks. Parents must feel comfortable with their pediatrician’s style, bedside manner, and medical expertise. It is amazing how one prenatal consult really helps to decide if this pediatrician is a good match for your family. Dr. Hes will obtain a short medical history from the parents and advise them about important medical decisions to be made at the time of delivery (i.e vaccination, circumcision, cord blood storage, etc.). It is all right if you do not have a prenatal visit…all babies are welcome. But remember, your pediatrician will become an integral part of your life…from birth to age 21 years if you choose!


Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we are converting the majority of our visits to telehealth. Please download the Healow App. IN ORDER TO KNOW HOW TO CHOSE US ON YOUR APP, please download the Healow Quick Start Guide.

This will enable us to provide our families with care, while limiting visits to the office and following social distancing guidelines.

As of April 15th, 2020 we are no longer participating with Oxford and United Healthcare