Lactation Counseling Sessions

Sara Li M.D.

Dr. Sarah Li-Koo

We are pleased to introduce lactation counseling sessions at Gramercy Pediatrics to assist and support women in their breastfeeding experience with evidence-based information and expert guidance. Our one-hour new baby lactation small group session offers encouragement and direction to overcome breastfeeding challenges and to help you reach your personal goals in breastfeeding your child.

During a session, our certified lactation counselor Dr. Sarah Li-Koo will:

  • Discuss benefits and challenges of breastfeeding
  • Weigh your baby before and after nursing to assess milk transfer
  • Observe breastfeeding dyads to provide guidance on positioning, latch, and suckling
  • Answer questions regarding common breastfeeding concerns
  • Troubleshoot feeding issues, including poor latch, painful/sore breasts/nipples, and low milk supply

Dr. Li breastfeeding

We will be open this Saturday the 18th but will be closed Monday, the 20th, for Martin Luther king day.