Lactation Counseling Sessions

Sara Li M.D.

Dr. Sarah Li-Koo

We are pleased to introduce lactation counseling sessions at Gramercy Pediatrics to assist and support women in their breastfeeding experience with evidence-based information and expert guidance. Our one-hour new baby lactation small group session offers encouragement and direction to overcome breastfeeding challenges and to help you reach your personal goals in breastfeeding your child.

During a session, our certified lactation counselor Dr. Sarah Li-Koo will:

  • Discuss benefits and challenges of breastfeeding
  • Weigh your baby before and after nursing to assess milk transfer
  • Observe breastfeeding dyads to provide guidance on positioning, latch, and suckling
  • Answer questions regarding common breastfeeding concerns
  • Troubleshoot feeding issues, including poor latch, painful/sore breasts/nipples, and low milk supply

Dr. Li breastfeeding



Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we are converting the majority of our visits to telehealth. Please dowload and read the Healow Quick Start Guide for instructions on how to use our service.

This will enable us to provide our families with care, while limiting visits to the office and following social distancing guidelines.


In order to vaccinate our patients on schedule during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have two options, in person visits or NEW home vaccine visits… Learn More


As of April 15th, 2020 we are no longer participating with Oxford and United Healthcare