Special Needs and Mental Health Issues

Dr. Hes treats many children with special needs that have multiple issues with food intake. Dr. Hes is one of the few doctors that is trained to use medications in the treatment of obesity.

  • Many children with special needs suffer from obesity as a complication of their medicines or their poor eating habits.
  • Dr. Hes had excellent results in children with autism, attention deficit and/or hyperactivity disorder
  • She has helped many patients successfully lose weight who are on Risperdal or other anti-psychotic drugs that contribute to extreme weight gain and diabetes.
  • Dr. Hes has experience working with children with extremely restrictive eating patterns.
  • Works closely with child psychiatrists and therapists to manage behavioral issues and nutrition at the same time.
  • Also works with non-obese children who have poor eating habits and need nutrition counseling for possible vitamin deficiencies.
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