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Navigating NYC with a Baby

January 24, 2019

Sarah Li-Koo, MD, FAAP, CLC

It’s wintertime in NYC, and whether you are meeting up with friends and family or perusing the holiday markets, you are probably trying to figure out whether and how to bring your little one along. Let’s talk about some of the ways to tote around our babes around the city comfortably and safely.

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Calming Techniques for Preschool Aged Children

December 22, 2018

by Stephenie Shapoff, NP

While preschool aged children are beginning to understand their emotions they are still difficult for them to regulate. They can become overwhelmed by the emotions they are experiencing . . .


How to Choose an Insect Repellent

June 17, 2016

by Dyan Hes, MD

Everyday we turn on the news to hear about another outbreak. Lately all the news has been on Zika virus, a virus transmitted by the Aedes mosquito. This virus can be extremely dangerous for women of child bearing age and particularly, pregnant women. It causes microcephaly (small head) and a myriad of other birth defects, primarily effecting neurological development. Some obstetricians are recommending that women who have contracted Zika virus avoid pregnancy for anywhere between two and three years.READ MORE


Everything a Parent Wants to Know About Traveling with a Child!

by Dyan Hes, MD Medical Director of Gramercy Pediatrics

With summer vacation approaching I field many calls about traveling with kids, particularly babies. For many women, maternity leave is the longest stretch of free travel time they will ever have. A frequent question I hear is, “How early can I travel on a plane?” I often remind families, “Babies can be born on a plane!” That being said, this is not ideal! READ ON

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Pertinent Pediatric Advice From Dr. Dan

March 22, 2016

-by Dr. Daniel Wolloch

Toilet training!! Ah, the end of huge diaper bags as your constant travel buddy. No more midnight runs for diapers! No more searching for places to change your child, and no more of the dreaded upright or squirmy child diaper change! Yes, your life will become so much easier once your child is fully trained. Here are some helpful hints to make that transition as smooth as possible. READ MORE